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Reservation Charges
If you book with us direct and your card declines then your booking with us will not be secured and it could be lost if someone else books the same room before you give us new card details. If you have had a booking cancelled by us due to your card declining and you don't supply new card details then we are sorry but you will not be able to book with us again. This also applies if we have any problems with you after you book with us. We reserve the right at any time to cancel your booking with us if it is a direct booking and if we feel your behaviour over the phone, by text or email to us is threatening in any way what so ever. This includes threatening to leave a bad review. Full payment will be taken on booking for any Group Bookings of 6 people or more if we allow the booking. This applies if you book as a single booking and we find out you are part of a group. We reserve the right to change prices without notice. The price you pay is that of the price at the time of your booking even if our prices go up or down. We do charge additional booking fees of £1.50. 50% of the total reservation fee will be taken straight away or if your reservation is within 60 days of booking full payment will be taken on booking. All bookings are nonrefundable We reserve the right to take full payment at any time as well. We do not accept American Express.

The reception is only open between 2PM and 8PM. We do not accept late check-ins after 8PM unless pre-arranged and agreed with the property.
As per our terms and conditions available to read before you book, you will be charged a £50 security deposit bond per room. This is to be paid upon check in and can be paid by cash or card. Different terms apply to bookings of 5 people or more regardless of how many rooms you have booked.

Card Details Held
You will be asked for your card details on booking as we are unable to allocate you a room without these. You card details will be held by us until you depart. These will be used if you remove or damage anything in the Morlan, or if you break any of the other terms and conditions. You consent by booking with us that we reserve the right to charge your card accordingly.

Booking Amendments and Alterations
You can change your booking once from the original date of stay. This must be done 60 days before your stay or full payment will be taken for you original stay. On changing your stay date, full payment will be taken if not already taken. We do not offer any refunds and your amended stay must be within 60 days of the original stay. If you have moved from one season to another additional fees will apply. Full payment will be taken if reservation is cancelled within 60 days of the stay and we do not offer refunds. Please make sure you have money available when you make a booking.

Damages and Consent
You are responsible for any damage you or any of your party cause during your stay and you consent by booking with us that we reserve the right to charge your card accordingly for any damages or incidents.

Bad Behaviour and Disturbance
We operate a ZERO tolerance on bad behaviour and disturbance. Anyone found to be disturbing others or behaving badly will be asked to leave with no refund. We and our staff have the right to work in a safe environment. Quiet time here at the Morlan Guest House is between 10PM and 7:30AM. Please respect others sleeping during this time. If you are found to be disturbing others you will be asked to leave the property with no refund.

Group Bookings
Bookings for a party of more than 6 people will be at the discretion of the property and we reserve the right to cancel your booking. We do accept group bookings but there is a £50 per room security bond. This will be held until departure and returned once all rooms booked have been checked for damage and smoking. If any damage, door bell ringing after 8PM or evidence of smoking is apparent then the deposit will not be returned. Any bad behaviour or foul language will also result in you losing your security bond. If the damage is more than £50 per room you will be required to pay the rest. This applies if you book one room and we find out you are part of a group booking before your stay or even on arrival. This includes threatening/black mailing to leave us a bad review due to your antics.

No Smoking
The Morlan has a total no smoking policy in the building. That includes smoking out the windows in the bedrooms. Anyone found to be in breach of this policy will be asked to leave and also reported to the appropriate authorities. An instant £150.00 surcharge will be charged to your card or you personally. If any sign of smoking is found in your room during or after your stay, you will be asked to leave with no refund. This also applies if we have reason to believe you have illegal substances within the B & B.

Unauthorised Guests
We do not allow anyone else in your rooms who are not our guests here at the Morlan, this includes any room. Anyone being seen or caught having unauthorised guests will be charged £100.00 per person. You could also be asked to leave instantly with no refund.

Check-in Times
Check-in is between 2PM and 8PM only.

Lost keys are charged at £25.00 per set and will be charged to you automatically if lost. All security bonds and Pre-authorisation can take up to 14 days to be refunded. We reserve the right to amend these at any time.